An involved, inspiring leader

Throughout his career as a leading corporate executive, John Sheptor has actively made contributions of time and resources to humanitarian activities that have touched all areas of the world.

John Sheptor

Sheptor played an essential role as Chief Executive Officer and President of Imperial Sugar Company at a time when the company’s future was in jeopardy. When a series of deadly explosions and resulting fires shut down Imperial Sugar Company’s large sugar refinery at Port Wentworth, Ga., in early 2008, Sheptor took definitive actions to attend to the needs of the company’s workers and families.

Under his inspiring leadership, the company initiated far-reaching strategies to rebuild the major sugar making facility to state-of-the art safety and production standards while enhancing Imperial Sugar’s market share.

As chief executive officer, Sheptor has been responsible for all operations, commodities management, logistics, sales, marketing, customer service, product development, financial reporting and public/investor relations that support Imperial Sugar’s evolving go-to-market and consumer outreach strategies.

When President George Bush’s Emergency Plan for HIV/AIDS relief program had funded an emergency Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) program, Sheptor was selected for the challenging responsibility of the Deputy Director.  At the time, the task was considered to be extremely challenging, if not impossible, because SCMS  was attempting to reach those parts of the developing world that have been considered the most dangerous and difficult to reach.

Sustainable supply chains are a necessity of our times, and can make a world of difference to lives of millions all over the world. The objective of Supply Chain Management Systems, as it name implies, is to make better use of global supply chains to solve major societal challenges by developing solutions that are reliable, safe and cost effective so millions of people living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries can be saved. SCMS has been dedicated in its efforts create long lasting sustainable change that builds programs which can stand the test of time and improve people’s lives for generations.

SCMS was a perfect fit for a leader like Sheptor because the organization required a visionary leader who could bring new ideas for transforming operations by implementing innovative ideas borrowed from his experience and achievements of building and promoting corporate supply chains with global reach.  His work with the White House-led program was in many ways responsible for major changes in healthcare delivery system and support given to patients in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

  • With his leadership, not only were operation costs in Africa reduced by a staggering 90 percent, nearly 1.5 million people were made a part of AIDS treatment programs in Africa.
  • Through John’s exhaustive efforts, SCMS today is able to provide Anti-Retroviral drugs to more than 3.2 million people in countries supported by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Active Charitable & Community Involvement

Legacy Community Health Services

John C. Sheptor is on the board of directors at Legacy Community Health Services, which is an all encompassing center that offers primary health care to residents of Houston. The focus of the center remains to offer these facilities to residents in a humane, confidential, culturally sensitive, and judgement-free manner. For more than 30 years, the center has worked towards offering social services in the form of testing for HIV/Aids, education about several programs and making treatment facilities available to patients as well.

The center is also known to provide comprehensive care for those who suffer from chronic health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Around 40,000 adults and children every year benefit from the low cost or no cost treatment facilities and care that the organization provides through the support of patrons that include businessmen, charitable groups and companies.

Lemonade Day

John Sheptor with a young entrepreneur at a Lemonade Day project.

Shaping the future of the nation involves imparting knowledge and instilling positive values into the youth. That’s what Lemonade Day, a group started by Prepared 4 Life tries to achieve. John Sheptor has been an involved and active mentor and supporter of his fun learning program which brings together people from different communities from different parts of the country as they show the youth how they can start their own business through the fun of a lemonade stand. One of the highlights of this program is the month long training experience that an adult and a child go through together and learn different steps involved in setting up a business. It helps the young understand the importance of possessing those much desired entrepreneurial qualities.

On the first Sunday in May, Lemonade Day is held where children actually get a chance to implement and execute the ideas they have learned. The program has gone from a local effort in Houston, Texas, to helped thousands of children across the country with understanding how business works at the most basic level.  The charm of this program has spread to several other cities, and has made city leaders sit up and take notice. The aim of the program remains to nurture productive minds so that they go on to become able citizens of the future.

Virtuosi Of Houston

Another charitable organization that Sheptor supports and mentors is Virtuosi of Houston, a unique fine arts program that helps young musical talent in the country. Not only does the organization set up in 1996 help train gifted musical talents from middle and high schools it also does its best to bring a comprehensive portfolio of chamber works for the benefit of audiences in Houston. Unlike symphony orchestras, which are large in size, the chamber is a smaller musical group that gives kids a chance to develop and growth through a more personal experience. Young musicians get a chance to build their confidence and hone their skills better with the help of two renowned conductors, who have made a name for themselves in the world of music.

The group aims to give necessary support to hone musical talents so that they go on to become performers, educators etc and give back to the community and the next generation of musicians.

Cabaret For Cure

John Sheptor has also advised Cabaret for Cure, a major fund raiser for HIV/AIDS programs by the Legacy Community Health Services and has become a marquee event in the calendar year for Houston residents. This fundraising event has top and loved entertainers performing on stage every year with cabaret singers and musicians enthralling the audiences as well. The proceeds of the fundraiser go towards the HIV/AIDS programs carried out by the Legacy Community Health Services. Often seated dinner, entertainment, dancing and silent auctions are a part of the gala that leaves the residents of Houston asking for more. And given the good cause the gala supports, it’s an evening that leaves back fond memories for one and all.


John Sheptor has led global strategic business initiatives in more than 80 countries during his career and is recognized as a visionary leader in the global manufacturing and supply chain industries.

His business career spans diverse industries including agriculture, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts, chemicals, plastics, mining and healthcare. He is a leader of change building enterprise capacity through strategy, business process effectiveness and execution. Sheptor has developed and successfully launched many consumer products. He is an advocate for managerial systems including Lean Six Sigma, and integrates their benefits into his leadership of organizations.

Sheptor is married, has eight children and one granddaughter. He is a dedicated church member, arts enthusiast and sports fan. His principal residence is in Bethesda, Maryland.